Life lessons I’ve learned (so far) from fostering kittens 🐱

I've been fostering kittens for the past month. I started with three, and two have already been adopted. The last one - a female I've named Kali - is still with me. She is very cute. They were an unintended litter, and the owner couldn't afford to keep them. So, I offered my flat as… Continue reading Life lessons I’ve learned (so far) from fostering kittens 🐱

Changing my relationship to money, and 5 of my guiltless purchases

This post is about how I’ve changed (and still am changing) my relationship to money. I’m a cautious spender by nature, and it comes at the cost of really enjoying life, or even really taking care of myself. I wanted to share two insights that helped me re-evaluate my relationship with money, and five things I’m always going to spend money on guiltlessly because of it.

3 reasons why I think being a multi-hyphenate is my strength

We’re often told: “Don’t do too much at once, focus on one thing." But I think it’s an incomplete way of seeing things. I’d argue that it’s not about how much you do at once; rather, it’s where you place your stakes that matters.

Stop overthinking, start doing. There’s value in climbing the wrong mountains

We often tell ourselves to spend as much of our time doing things that push us towards our goals, and as little time as possible on things that don’t. The irony, however, is that by being so cautious to not climb the wrong mountain, we hesitate to climb any mountains at all.

How I’m replacing ‘hard work’ with ‘inspired work’

Grit driven by passion is more enduring than grit for the sake of perseverance. Here's how I'm replacing 'hard work' with 'inspired work.'

How you can use systems to trigger creative motivation and inspiration

Creativity often needs motivation and inspiration to coincide, but they don't often happen at the same time. Here's how I outsource as much of it as I can, so that I can focus purely on the creativity bit.