Just things I’ve been thinking about. That’s it. That’s the post.

Aw man. I've been musing. I've been pondering. To the ends of the Earth and back. And we all know the Earth's a circle, with no "end" — so, you know, I'm technically still musing and pondering... Anyway. This is just a dump. Of what's on my mind. No order, no editing, nothing. Just my… Continue reading Just things I’ve been thinking about. That’s it. That’s the post.

How I use active listening to simplify daily life

I really don’t think we listen that well. In fact, I’d argue we actually suck at it. But I think listening is one of our most accessible and powerful tools as human beings.

Stop overthinking, start doing. There’s value in climbing the wrong mountains

We often tell ourselves to spend as much of our time doing things that push us towards our goals, and as little time as possible on things that don’t. The irony, however, is that by being so cautious to not climb the wrong mountain, we hesitate to climb any mountains at all.

How you can use systems to trigger creative motivation and inspiration

Creativity often needs motivation and inspiration to coincide, but they don't often happen at the same time. Here's how I outsource as much of it as I can, so that I can focus purely on the creativity bit.