Life lessons I’ve learned (so far) from fostering kittens 🐱

I've been fostering kittens for the past month. I started with three, and two have already been adopted. The last one - a female I've named Kali - is still with me. She is very cute. They were an unintended litter, and the owner couldn't afford to keep them. So, I offered my flat as… Continue reading Life lessons I’ve learned (so far) from fostering kittens 🐱

50 pieces of unsolicited advice

I decided to try something a little different, inspired by two of Kevin Kelly's blog posts. I've brain-dumped a list of things I've realised about life and living recently, in the hopes it 1) inspires you to live a little more mindfully, the same way Kelly's posts inspired me, and 2) inspires you to write your own list (also, the same way Kelly's posts inspired me).

Do more of less. Make time for nothing.

This is a slightly different blog post. And it’s about making time for nothing.

How I make time for things, and actually do them

A question I often get asked is: How do you get so much done? The short answer is: I make the time. There is a longer answer as well, and that’s what I wanted to unpack in this blog post.

My “anti-resolution” approach to goal-setting: Set fewer goals, more often

I don't like "resolutions". I think goals should be a regular part of our lives, and that we should approach goal setting as a daily practice. Here's how I do it.

Curiosity, fast drafting, and function: 3 principles that help me in daily life

I believe that everything in life has transferable knowledge — useful insights and teachings that can be applied to other (often completely unrelated) things. This post explores that idea, and takes you through three principles that I find incredibly helpful in my own daily life.