50 pieces of unsolicited advice

I decided to try something a little different, inspired by two of Kevin Kelly's blog posts. I've brain-dumped a list of things I've realised about life and living recently, in the hopes it 1) inspires you to live a little more mindfully, the same way Kelly's posts inspired me, and 2) inspires you to write your own list (also, the same way Kelly's posts inspired me).

Why saying “never” and “always” is *often a bad idea

*often, not always (see what I did there?) I’ve been becoming more aware of how I interact with people and myself, and the kinds of thought-patterns I have. And it’s pretty scary to have that awareness, because I’m starting to see how badly I communicate with the people around me, and even with myself, when I use the words “never” and “always.” Both in the things I think and say. It’s stopping me from having meaningful conversations, and reaching productive outcomes when I’m faced with a problem, a challenge, or an insecurity. This post is about why they have that effect, and how I’m trying to replace “always” and “never” with “sometimes” and “often”