Hallo! 👋🏼

My name is Jomiro.

I’m a ‘doer of many things‘. A many-things doer, if you will.

This is likely because I’m a bad combo of someone who easily gets bored, and someone who is pretty good at learning new things quickly. So, if I don’t feel challenged and stimulated often enough, I get restless and start looking for a new thing to get good at.

However, I’m something else too: I’m kind of obsessed with hacking and optimising my learning. Since I do so much, I have to figure out how to squeeze in as much as I can, in small ways that compound over time – and so we have this blog.

I’m putting my methods down into blog posts, in the hopes that others like me out there can also find easy, everyday ways to hack their growth, every day.

Welcome to my cheatsheet.